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Q&A with Alex Pang, Author of “The Distraction Addiction”

Alex Pang, a senior consultant at Strategic Business Insights in Silicon Valley, is a proponent of “contemplative computing,” which he defines as “learning to use information technologies in ways that help you be more focused and mindful, and protect you from being perpetually distracted.” Pang’s book, The Distraction Addiction, was published last year. ...READ MORE

Google comes to JWT New York to present: Art Copy & Code

Not only is the melding together of art, copy and code creating entirely new kinds of advertising and engagement experiences, but it’s also revolutionizing more familiar ones. Last Wednesday at JWT New York, Google took their audience through their exciting “Art, Copy & Code” Project, and shared the idea behind this initiative: to challenge and re-imagine everything. Read on to get a glimpse at Art, Copy & Code in action, some ground-breaking Google products and five things the search giant has learned through this process of reinvention. ...READ MORE

The future of search

"Search" is in its infancy. Like most of today's technology, and doubly so when we're talking about user interfaces, we are witnessing the opening salvo of a centuries-long march toward the augmentation of the human intellect on a "species-bending" scale. Search, in general, is a core component of the "information age" et al. Without search (and connectivity), the data we create and store on physical media is no more useful (and only slightly more portable) than the stone tablets of antiquity.   ...READ MORE

Google I/O 2012 Keynote viewing party at JWT New York

In an age where technological advancement occurs at lightning-speed, it is only appropriate that distinctive developments be given a global spotlight. Google I/O 2012 is such a spotlight, and JWT New York tuned in to the Keynote to learn about new advancements in Google products. ...READ MORE