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J. Walter Thompson MEA Releases Executive Summary for 10 MENA Trends for 2015 Report

In anticipation of the launch of the full report in September 2015, J. Walter Thompson MEA has launched the executive summary of their 10 MENA Trends for 2015 report.
Developed by J. Walter Thompson MENA's trends forecasting team Brand Intelligence, the report "outlines 10 of the most compelling macros trends identified today--trends whose impact will be felt in 2015 and beyond as they continue to unfold, the ones shaping societal mood, behaviors and attitudes."

JWT South Africa Interns Win BBC Competition

On 21 January 2014, three young interns at JWT South Africa - Tal Halili, Katherine Andrews and Thandeka Kunene - won a global competition held by the BBC in partnership with the YCN. The challenge was to devise a creative campaign for the BBC’s ‘World News Service’ and make it appealing to youths outside the United Kingdom. ...READ MORE

Got Social Media FOMO?

From Facebook to Foursquare and Instagram, the bevy of social media tools at our disposal has created an unprecedented ability to see what others are doing around us, and evidently, without us. The Fear of Missing Out, better known as FOMO, refers to that nagging and anxious feeling that you're missing out on something, and it has only become amplified by our over-connected world. ...READ MORE

Talent, tech & inspiration in spades at SXSW

SXSW Interactive was a fantastic festival for innovation, entrepreneurship and talent—and a very important reminder of how fast we need to be moving to keep pace with and stay ahead of our ever-evolving industry. I was inspired with Google's Project Re:Brief: an experiment in re-imagining how digital advertising can fuse both technology and creative ideas to enhance connections. Legendary icons behind some of the greatest advertising campaigns reunited to prove that not only do great ideas come first, but also hope to push the boundaries in the way we engage an audience. ...READ MORE

Fear and optimism at SXSW12

This year was my first at SXSW and I was lucky enough to be able to travel from London to spend three days in Austin, Texas – listening, talking and socializing with some of the great and the good of the digital world. Reflecting on what I heard and experienced, I was struck by what seemed to me to be an interesting and growing tension between the potential of internet-enabled technologies to change the world for good, and the fear of some of the potential consequences along the way. ...READ MORE

JWT’s Ann Mack talks FOMO at SXSWi

JWT's Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting, talked to a packed house at SXSW Interactive Austin. The topic? The Fear of Missing Out, better know as FOMO. FOMO is the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out-a timeless social angst, as Mack noted, but what’s different now is how social media can amplify FOMO to the nth degree.

Check out the video above for a quick introduction to FOMO. You can read the full post on Ann's presentation and download the FOMO report from JWT Intelligence.

Video credits: Chadwick Whitehead, Designer & Animator // Sarah Hesterman, Producer // Produced by Transmission for JWT // Ann Mack and Jessica Vaughn, writers.

Trend Report: SXSW presentation on how brands can leverage FOMO

In our March trend report, we revisit the phenomenon of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out--that your peers are doing, in the know about or in possession of something more and better than you. See the full report on JWT Intelligence.  

Trends shaping social media in 2012

To kick off Social Media Week here at JWT New York, Ann Mack, JWT Intelligence Director of Trendspotting, outlined the trends shaping social media in 2012. The big topics of discussion included Generation Go—youth with a new entrepreneurial attitude, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), hyper-personalization, and the Web as an increasingly real-time information stream. ...READ MORE