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Did Mobile Video Kill the TV Star?

John Baker has worked in interactive marketing for almost 20 years. He is now the President of dotJWT, a global program dedicated to driving digital growth for companies acquired under the JWT umbrella.
Earlier this week I was asked to speak on a Mobile Media Summit panel at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. ...READ MORE

Facebook Stops Sponsored Stories—So Good Ads Can Be Liked As Good Ads After All?

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was simplifying its ad units choices and dropping Sponsored Stories. Simplifying ad choices makes great sense. We've all been spending the last few years educating our clients on the importance of Facebook and the subtleties of social marketing, and having 27 ad formats hasn't helped. Focusing on lightweight publishing and broadening the use of the page post to handle offers and questions works. ...READ MORE

A new trend for 2013: Ads will come from articles and vice versa

Each month Executive Digital Director of JWT South Africa, Yoav Tchelet, discusses critical digital issues, branding and social media strategies, and more on his site. His latest post looks at the changing world of advertising and the answer to connecting with consumers: content It seems that there will be an important new trend in 2013: ads will be articles and vice versa. Essentially, the world of marketing and advertising is changing. Change is necessary in order to keep up with a world that has varying needs, which are also changing on a regular basis. ...READ MORE

JWT Executive Promotions within the MEA Region

Following WPP’s recent announcement of Roy Haddad’s new role as Director of WPP Middle East and North Africa (MENA), JWT is excited to announce further executive promotions in the region. Vatche Keverian will take on the role of CEO of JWT MENA and Chris von Selle is formally announced as COO JWT Africa. ...READ MORE

ECPAT and “Emma”—Shedding light on child prostitution

There is no topic as difficult or heartbreaking as child prostitution. ECPAT USA, a human rights group, partnered with a dotJWT team from JWT New York and Digitaria to take on this urgent problem in a heartfelt campaign by New York creatives Keshni Sharma, Vahbiz Engineer, Harsh Kapadia, Alexis Reid and Moyeenul Alam. Led by creative director Giovanni Maletti and executive creative director Andy Clarke, they collaborated with Digitaria to create "Emma", a Russian nesting doll who represents the exploited children at the heart of this cause. ...READ MORE

dotJWT team makes Flipmote at Yahoo! WPP Hackathon

  On May 3 & 4, WPP and Yahoo! came together to host the first WPP Hackday at Ogilvy's trendy digs in New York City. The challenge? Build a new product or service using Yahoo! + other open-source technologies. JWT has over 2,000 digital experts in its realms so we flew in a dedicated team of four of our smartest, from all corners of the network. A big cheers to Matt Payne, Head of Technology at JWT London; Peter Bailey, Systems Architect at JWT Dallas; Nick Davison, Director of Web Development at Digitaria and Mike Nelson, Lead User Interface Developer at Heath Wallace in London for coming together to make Flipmote in just over 24hrs. Hold on to your inner geek, because here comes the code-talk... ...READ MORE

Buy it with your brain: a twist on advergaming

Consumers in Germany are getting the chance to put their smarts to the test in an advergame created for Berocca by a dotJWT team made up of JWT'ers from our offices in Amsterdam and Germany. "Zahl' mit Grips" ("Play with your brain") is a trivia game that rewards smart players with discounts on Berocca’s brain-boosting product. What is Berocca, you say? Berocca is a multivitamin and mineral supplement packed with B-vitamins and nutrients designed to sharpen your body and mind. ...READ MORE