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PostVisual helps Hyundai turn old cars into “Brilliant memories”

In October 2014, Hyundai Motor Company unveiled “Brilliant memories,” a new digital campaign by Korea’s PostVisual, a J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific company.

Focusing on the emotional connection people form with their cars, the campaign features four short films in which real-life drivers recount the memories they made in their favorite cars, now either junked or sold. ...READ MORE
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Adlatina: Gustavo Martinez – “Latin America and India should compensate for the decline in Europe.”

He came to Buenos Aires, after a visit to Asia, and left for Rome 36 hours later. Such is the life of the new Global CEO of J. Walter Thompson, based in New York. “I don't believe in CEOs that work through email,” he said. Martínez praised those who command the Argentina office and said he had great expectations about the agency’s performance in Latin America and India. He also said he intends to update and streamline the network. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Company introduces Mirum, a modern global company

Exciting news out of J. Walter Thompson Company today as it announced today the launch of Mirum, a new global company. With a name inspired by the Latin word for "amazing," the new company unites 11 digital agencies spanning 17 countries and 40 offices. ...READ MORE

SCPF Spain repositions Tous brand with new cheeky campaign

Tous, a jewelry brand headquartered in Barcelona, asked SCPF Spain to help reposition their 95-year-old brand.

Late last year, the SCPF Spain team responded to this request from their new client with the launch of “Tender Stories,” a cheeky campaign that highlights tenderness amongst individuals and tenderness for and within the Tous brand. ...READ MORE
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Al Arabia launches Saudi Arabia’s biggest art gallery

Al Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s largest outdoor advertisement company, has launched the biggest art gallery ever seen in the nation.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has been difficult for the general public to appreciate more modern forms of art, and similarly, it has been difficult for many artists in the Kingdom to present their work to the public. ...READ MORE

JWT New Zealand acquires Heyday, a New Zealand digital agency

JWT New Zealand has acquired a majority stake in Heyday, an independent digital agency based in Wellington. The move, which allows both companies significant synergies and growth opportunities across Auckland and Wellington, is a core part of JWT’s ongoing growth plan in New Zealand. ...READ MORE

From The Local Market To Amazon: Online Shopping in Colombia and Venezuela

Some say that shopping is a world-wide sport, while others seem to differ and avoid the activity at all costs. Whether you're a shopaholic or a forced-to-shop type, online shopping has made life a lot easier in the past couple years. Waking up to a package has become the norm in some areas of the world, while day-long shopping at malls still seems to have a heavy stake in others. As both a gift and a curse to the retail world of the consumer, online accessibility has made shopping a lot more addictive then it once was. ...READ MORE

Expectation vs. Reality: World Cup Edition

And just like that, the World Cup has finally come to a close last week with a German win. With over 3.6 billion people all over the world watching the final match, the real winner this year wasn’t just Germany, but DIGITAL. Not only was this past month one for the record books for different games, players, and scoreboard results, but it also broke a lot of records in the digital world. If there is one lesson that we can take away from this hectic, but thrilling, one-month journey, it would be that brands are spending a lot more on digital advertising. Social media has become the main channel for interaction around the world, especially during major events – and after all, the World Cup happens just once every four years. ...READ MORE

Connected Televisions – Are You Tuned In?

When digital became a hot topic for brands and marketers a number of years back, it was treated with equal parts excitement and fear. Excitement at the seemingly limitless potential but also an understandable fear of the unknown. This fear caused many to be a little hesitant about its impact. What we’re seeing now in 2014 are brands truly embracing what digital technology can do to enhance their products, their messaging and the consumers' experience. ...READ MORE