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JWTIntelligence focuses on the future of retail

The retail world is poised for change and JWTIntelligence explores this vital business sector in “Retail Rebooted.” Covering innovative business models, shifting consumer behaviors and recent tech developments, JWT’s latest trend report provides insight into the retail world by discussing 20-plus Things to Watch in Retail and spotlighting three specific trends. ...READ MORE

Welcome High Potentials, Class of 2013 to New York!

This morning, the High Potentials, Class of 2013 arrived in the New York office for their Leadership Training Session. The program, which is also known as the HiP Club, is comprised of JWT talent from a variety of countries, offices and disciplines. Now in its tenth year, the program aims to recognize, reward, train and develop the “rising stars” and future leaders of JWT. ...READ MORE

JWT Paris team competes at WeekEnd

During the last weekend in September, a JWT Paris team competed in BeMyApp’s WeekEnd competition winning second overall for their app as well as the BeMyDesign prize. WeekEnd is a three-day mobile app development competition that takes place in Dallas, San Franciso, New York and Europe. This year, the WeekEnd competition in France was held in collaboration with Social Good Week, challenging teams to tackle social and environmental issues through mobile app development. ...READ MORE

Why Africa could be a marketer’s land of ‘Milk and Honey’

Africa and its amazing potential, natural wealth, emerging middle class and quest for a better life, seems more and more like the land of “Milk & Honey”—a land waiting to be explored by courageous marketers.

The facts speak for themselves. Nestle today generates sales of more than 3 billion CHF on the continent. South African Breweries, better known as SAB Miller, operates 32 breweries and 19 bottling plants with more than 13,000 employees in Africa. Porsche has just opened its first show room in Lagos. Rural Cameroon is on the verge of overtaking Ireland as the largest guzzlers of Guinness. It seems almost certain that Africa will become the next global growth engine. But fast growing economies come with their very own challenges. It is not just about spotting opportunities; it is about organizing them in a way that benefits our clients and brands. ...READ MORE

JWT Executive Promotions within the MEA Region

Following WPP’s recent announcement of Roy Haddad’s new role as Director of WPP Middle East and North Africa (MENA), JWT is excited to announce further executive promotions in the region. Vatche Keverian will take on the role of CEO of JWT MENA and Chris von Selle is formally announced as COO JWT Africa. ...READ MORE