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Spotlight On “The Next Rembrandt”

J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam was awarded 16 Lions at Cannes this year, including 2 Grand Prix for "The Next Rembrandt." Applauded for its creative use of data, "The Next Rembrandt" was the talk of the town at Cannes. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Bangkok’s Hansa Wongsiripitack Tackles Innovation at Cannes

Hansa Wongsiripitack, SEA Director of Digital at J. Walter Thompson Bangkok, discusses tech, innovation and her impressions of Cannes Lions 2016.  ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Company Has Landmark Award Performance at Cannes Lions 2016

On the final day of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, J. Walter Thompson Company announced that it had earned a total of 80 Lions, a historic award performance for the network. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Company introduces Mirum, a modern global company

Exciting news out of J. Walter Thompson Company today as it announced today the launch of Mirum, a new global company. With a name inspired by the Latin word for "amazing," the new company unites 11 digital agencies spanning 17 countries and 40 offices. ...READ MORE

Looking back at future trends: JWTIntelligence’s new “10 Years of 10 Trends” report

This week, J. Walter Thompson celebrated a decade of annual trends forecasting by releasing “10 Years of 10 Trends.” The report explores 10 of the most compelling macro trends identified since JWTIntelligence began its annual forecasts — trends shaping societal behaviors and attitudes, and defining the business landscape today. It maps how these trends have evolved to now, and casts an eye forward to where they are headed next. ...READ MORE

What Social Data Can Do For You

There are endless options when it comes to social media monitoring. And metrics are plentiful, but often not very meaningful. This is what led me to find another way to use social data. By using raw data and looking at things like emotion, passion and personalization, I was able to create a meaningful metric, something that is actually connected to business results. As a researcher this quest has been for insights as much as it’s been about measurement. Creating a metric basically boils the proverbial ocean to find the pieces of data that matter. Now the fun part: actually using the metric. ...READ MORE

JWT @ SXSWi: All about privacy…

You couldn’t walk three feet without hearing this buzzword at SXSW: Privacy. Its tentacles were far-reaching and a main stream of core conversations in Austin.

Discussions ranged from Internet data, hacking, NSA data leaks via Snowden and services such as Wikileaks to new healthcare devices and how privacy can impact targeted marketing services. ...READ MORE

Digitaria’s Social Predictions for 2013

2012 was a major year for social media. Brands embraced social with innovative campaigns, new social platforms demanded our attention, and news from companies like Facebook dominated the headlines. As social media evolves, the challenge lies in staying on top, if not ahead, of these rapid and constant changes. Based on research and discussion of social features, trends, and research, Digitaria's Social Community Strategist, Samantha Afetian, breaks down a list of things we might see in 2013.  ...READ MORE

Vote for JWT’s SXSW 2013 Panels!

It feels like we just unpacked from Austin, but we are already ramping up for another great year at SXSW Interactive 2013. We’ve put together some must-see sessions to share next year, but we need your votes for a chance to present! Read on to explore our full list of panels. ...READ MORE