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Introducing the Innovation Group’s “The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2016”

Today, the Innovation Group, the trends forecasting consultancy of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, released its The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2016 report. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson New York introduces Culture Muscle

Merriam-Webster crowned “culture” the 2014 Word of the Year. It’s never been more relevant. Whether it's describing the beliefs, customs, and arts of a society or group, brands that have leaned into cultural shifts have been able to become the most valuable and financially successful businesses in the world. ...READ MORE

JWTIntelligence presents The Brazil Opportunity: A Guide for Marketers

As sports fans get ready to flock to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, brands must prepare to do the same. “In the decade-plus since the BRIC moniker was coined, the expectation that Brazil would emerge as a robust new market for brands has been borne out,” says Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT. “Yet many international brands are absent or only starting to eye the terrain.” In light of this, JWT has released a comprehensive guide for marketers looking to enter or expand their footprint in Brazil, the world’s fifth most populous country. ...READ MORE

JWT MENA Presents the Rise of the “Social Individualist” Post Arab Spring Consumer at ESOMAR Best of MENAP 2013

New research from JWT MENA and Tunisiana, a leading mobile operator in Tunisia, documents how the Arab Spring has profoundly shaped the socio-political environment—made evident by changing Tunisian consumer mindsets. These findings, which are the first of their kind, were presented by Hubert Boulos, head of planning at JWT MENA, and Hazem Kaddour, planning director at JWT North Africa, at this year’s ESOMAR Best of MENAP. This new “Social Individualist” consumer embraces the need for both belonging and individual self-expression, creating new venues of personalization for advertisers to explore. ...READ MORE

Differenter Honors Nine Individuals for 2013 Innovators of Change

Now in its third year, Thursday night’s Innovators of Change event honored nine individuals who have been inspired by the world to create cultures that educate, encourage, and actively promote diversity in their fields. Hosted by JWT New York's Differenter Committee, it was an exciting night filled with music, food, awards, and premier of an original documentary short film. ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: JWT’s 10 Trends for 2013, hubbies doing housework and the anti-college movement

Each Friday we package up the top trends, reports, articles and news bursts from the week. Our trends this week include JWT Intelligence's 10 Trends for 2013, hubbies doing housework, and the anti-college movement. Read more at JWT Intelligence.

October Trend Report: The Link Between Health and Happiness

Now that health is being viewed in a more holistic way, taking both mind and body into account, happiness has become a core component of health and wellness. The October trend report from JWT Intelligence, “Health & Happiness: Hand in Hand” examines the rising notion that a happier person is a healthier person—and, in turn, a healthier person is a happier person. ...READ MORE

JWT New York’s Differenter Hispanic Heritage Month Event

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. To observe and celebrate, JWT New York’s Differenter committee threw its second annual Hispanic Heritage Event this Thursday where attendees had the opportunity to sample a variety of activities that embody the very best of Hispanic culture. Keni Thacker, the Executive Producer for Differenter, aimed to up the ante this year—the event featured a short documentary, Perfiles, delicious Hispanic cuisine and a live Flamenco dance class! ...READ MORE

Juggling hunger and satisfaction

It’s amazing what a little competition can do. One minute you’re just a commuter on the day-to-day train of routine, contemplating a brief with as much appetite as an anorexic supermodel suffering from nausea, and the next you’re a boy racer at a set of traffic lights. And it doesn’t take much, really. In fact, much as anyone would prefer to work at the stress levels of a Buddhist monk, there is nothing like the intoxicating whiff of an adversary, real or intangible, to make a brief look like a fondant au chocolat after a month-long diet. ...READ MORE