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From mind-reading headbands to one-night stands, JWT’s Trends Salon explores this year’s trend forecast

To bring JWTIntelligence's annual 10 Trends report to life, last week they held their first Trends Salon at JWT New York. The event brought together an array of the experts and influencers who provided vital input to the report. ...READ MORE

2014 – The Year Consumers Take Control

Economic uncertainy, social tension and the hyper-connected progressive Arab are driving many of the trends forecast for the near future. According to the second annual trend report from JWT MENA, progressive consumers are taking on the responsibility of shaping their own futures with crowd power and technology, and enabling self-sustainable lifestyles. ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: Mexico’s middle class, logo culture and TV’s immature elders

Looking at trends around the world is an informative step towards understanding how our world is shifting. Each week, JWTIntelligence scans the world for coverage on consumer preferences, fashion, developments in health and wellness, energy, and much more. These trends tell us what our future might look like, which helps us stay one step ahead. ...READ MORE

Marketing to Social-savvy Seniors

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how my grandpa and I became Facebook friends, and what it meant for our family and his social and personal life. Springboarding off of that, today we’ll address how, as seniors continue to adopt social media, there’s a growing opportunity to market to them via social platforms. The challenge for marketers is knowing which seniors you’re targeting, and what action you want them to take. That intersection is critical; a misstep could destroy trust and quickly create negative word of mouth. ...READ MORE

JWT MENA report examines new benchmarks for “Generation ‘Why Not?’”

Millennials plan and make decisions much faster than older generations, but in the uncertain times the Middle East and North Africa is facing, what exactly are their dreams and desires when it comes to forging their future? JWT MENA’s Brand Intelligence team asked 180 Arabs aged 18 to 35 in six key markets a range of insightful “Would you rather…” questions to find out. ...READ MORE