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Doing it for the kids: JWT Canada helps the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation raise $11.8 million dollars

Fundraising is an important task that requires momentum, vision and teamwork for successful results. Tim Hortons, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation (THCF) and JWT Canada have partnered together once again to promote Camp Day, the Foundation’s largest annual fundraiser. JWT Canada created print, digital and broadcast mediums for the Foundation, which focuses on creating a nurturing camp experience for underprivileged children. ...READ MORE

JWT invites you to “Meet the Parents” of Kid President, Dante Ariola and Jeff Benjamin

Creative genius comes in all shapes and sizes, from every corner of the world, but there's one thing that every creative person throughout history has had in common: they all started out as kids, and their parents were their first teachers. This year, JWT invited Cannes to "Meet the Parents" who have inspired the creativity of Jeff Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer at JWT North America, 9-year-old YouTube sensation Robby Novak (aka Kid President), and director Dante Ariola. ...READ MORE

Yes, Virginia gets musical

The right kind of branded storytelling can bring something magical to life—in consumers, in brands and in this case, Christmas. The 30-minute animated Christmas special, Yes, Virginia, was produced by JWT for Macy’s in 2009 and tells the charming story of little Virginia O’Hanlon who famously wrote to the New York Sun asking, “Is there a Santa Claus?” ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: #MWC recap, teen CEOs and second breakfasts

Each Friday we package up the top trends, reports, articles and news bursts from the week. This week's biggest trends? Key points from the annual Mobile World Congress, teen CEOs and eating "second breakfasts". Read more at JWTIntelligence.