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J. Walter Thompson London @CannesIn140 Shortlisted in UK Agency Awards

During the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, whether you’re in the Palais or tracking the happenings online, there’s a lot of who, what, when, where and why that is, frankly, a bit overwhelming to keep up with. ...READ MORE
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The Innovation Group Releases Cannes 2015 report

This year marked the 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In many ways the event has started to sprawl into SXSW Interactive territory in terms of big name celebrities, bulging fragmented schedules, and uber-networking. ...READ MORE

CMO Australia: 3 lessons for marketers from the most creative digital ads for 2015

J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific's Director of Digital, Josie Brown, looks at what lessons CMOs can takeaway from the top creative campaigns at Cannes 2015.

There is so much inspiration to be taken from seeing the best creative ideas living in digital channels.


CMO Australia: Can brand builders do well and do good?

J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific's Director of Digital, Josie Brown, CMO's roving reporter at Cannes, looks at how Unilever is employing both social responsibility and brand strategy to gain success.


Campaign Asia Pacific: Starting a Lab in an Agency is the New Black

Cannes Lions 2015 was a true watershed moment in terms of the infusion of startup thinking and process into what we do, writes J. Walter Thompson's Joseph Chua. ...READ MORE

The Celebrity, The Agency and The Work

What I really like about the Cannes Lions festival is the quality of seminars. This is probably one of the top events that manages to invite and attract some of the most successful and interesting creative talent in all fields. For example, Marilyn Manson and Jamie Oliver. No matter who they are, where they are from or what they are doing for their passion or for a living, they all have something in common... ...READ MORE

Campaign Asia-Pacific: Six and a Half Things You Missed If You’re Not at Cannes

It's only halfway through the Cannes Week, so this list will grow - but J. Walter Thompson Singapore's Juhi Kalia has some random reflections from the festival so far. ...READ MORE
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J. Walter Thompson Cannes 2015: Cyber win for J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

On Wednesday, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity announced winners across the Cyber, Radio, Design and Product Design Categories.

J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam earned a Silver Lion in Cyber for "Taste the Translation," a campaign for language service company ELAN. ...READ MORE
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#CuriositySessions: Leticia Trindade


Q – What are you curious about? Things that make me feel happy awaken my curiosity. I like to learn about how to live better. I think living energetically is contagious and being able to share your own curiosity and inspiration with others makes for a fun and interesting experience for everyone. The topics that I am most curious about right now are travel, nutrition and internal communication, one of my fields of work. ...READ MORE
Nicole Jenkins

#CuriositySessions: Nicole Jenkins

“Life isn’t about finding the answers, it’s about asking the questions.” According to Hollywood vet Brian Grazer, curiosity isn’t just a step in producing creative work, it’s also an important instrument for honing individuality and self-confidence. ...READ MORE