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Nutri-Grain urges teens to #liveunstoppable

Today, cereal brand Nutri-Grain today announced the launch of a new content led campaign, targeting teens. Created by J. Walter Thompson Sydney in conjunction with partners Finch, Mindshare, Liquid Ideas, and VML, the campaign repositions the brand as “Unstoppable” and celebrates and showcases the stories of individuals who live unstoppable lives. ...READ MORE
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Adlatina: Gustavo Martinez – “Latin America and India should compensate for the decline in Europe.”

He came to Buenos Aires, after a visit to Asia, and left for Rome 36 hours later. Such is the life of the new Global CEO of J. Walter Thompson, based in New York. “I don't believe in CEOs that work through email,” he said. Martínez praised those who command the Argentina office and said he had great expectations about the agency’s performance in Latin America and India. He also said he intends to update and streamline the network. ...READ MORE

Meio & Mensagem Interview with Matt Eastwood: “A Diamond in the Rough”

Since 2009, the position for global Chief Creative Officer has been vacant at J. Walter Thompson, a network of the WPP Group, which will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in December. The last person to hold that position was Craig Davis, who left the position to be a creative director and co-chairman at Publicis Mojo, in Australia, and who abandoned the advertising industry in 2012 stating that advertising is not as relevant as it was in the past and that it currently delivers less value to clients. Coincidentally, upon deciding to reactivate the CCO function in July of this year (and after five years of working with regional creative leads or leads focused on international accounts, supported by a global council), JWT went after another Australian. ...READ MORE

Merging Science and Sports: Shell brings light to a favela in Rio de Janeiro

Two years ago, Shell and JWT London joined forces to shine a light on the world’s energy future. Launching the product of their two-year collaboration this week, JWT London and Shell unveiled a first-of-its-kind player-powered football pitch (soccer for our friends in the U.S.) in the heart of a Rio de Janeiro favela. ...READ MORE

From The Local Market To Amazon: Online Shopping in Colombia and Venezuela

Some say that shopping is a world-wide sport, while others seem to differ and avoid the activity at all costs. Whether you're a shopaholic or a forced-to-shop type, online shopping has made life a lot easier in the past couple years. Waking up to a package has become the norm in some areas of the world, while day-long shopping at malls still seems to have a heavy stake in others. As both a gift and a curse to the retail world of the consumer, online accessibility has made shopping a lot more addictive then it once was. ...READ MORE

JWTIntelligence presents The Brazil Opportunity: A Guide for Marketers

As sports fans get ready to flock to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, brands must prepare to do the same. “In the decade-plus since the BRIC moniker was coined, the expectation that Brazil would emerge as a robust new market for brands has been borne out,” says Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT. “Yet many international brands are absent or only starting to eye the terrain.” In light of this, JWT has released a comprehensive guide for marketers looking to enter or expand their footprint in Brazil, the world’s fifth most populous country. ...READ MORE

In Brazil, work and well-being go hand in hand

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about JWT is the agency’s attention to team well-being. In New York, our bar opens up for a lively evening of beer and music every Wednesday and Thursday, while there’s a hefty amount of free popcorn on Friday afternoon (not to mention the much adored summer Friday policy). In London, the agency has a gorgeous green terrace, where you can enjoy some sun and sip a Pimm’s cup/cool drink in summer. And in Madrid, the office occupies a vast converted chocolate factory with a wraparound terrace at the top. Since I arrived in Brazil on an extended research project, however, I’ve seen how JWT kicks it up a notch in the vibrant São Paulo office. ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: The world’s social media capital, stressed Millennials and luxe closets

Each Friday we package up the top trends, reports, articles and news bursts from the week. Our trends this week look at why Brazil is “the social media capital of the universe,”  Millennials disproportionally suffer high levels of stress and anxiety, and luxury closets are on the rise. Read about these trends and more on JWT Intelligence.