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Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 8

Our last week of the  Cannes Contenders 2016 series is here! We have some awesome work by our offices in New York, London, and Brazil. Check out the campaigns below. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific’s Report Examines Japanese Brand in Asia’s Emerging Markets

As aspiring Japanese multinationals enter Asia’s emerging markets, they need to compete with domestic legacy brands and with brand-savvy Western competitors. That may pose challenges to some Japanese companies, which typically emphasize product rather than brand differentiation. ...READ MORE

Advertising And The Facebook Newsfeed – The Illusion Of Fan Power

Since Facebook started allowing advertising on its site, marketers and brands have rushed to get on the platform to get their messages in front of its large and global audience (1B+ active users) and many were excited about the ability to do so at little or no cost having spent decades paying thousands/millions to reach TV and radio audiences. ‘Early adopter’ brands that invested time and the right resource into social media marketing quickly rose to the top, building huge audiences constantly digitally connected with their brand. ...READ MORE

10 Things About Digital in Latin America

While BRIC countries often dominate the conversation when talking about emerging markets in digital, Latin America (beyond Brazil, of course) also represents significant growth in connectivity. In fact, while the global level of Internet penetration is 34%, the average for this region is 43%. In some countries the figure is even higher; 66% of Argentineans have access to the Internet, exceeding continental Europe (63%). Coupling this increased connectivity with consistent GDP growth, a massive opportunity for brands has opened up in Latin America.


JWT Sao Paolo creates an easy way to track buzz

The Internet thrives on commentary, and every good brand manager knows it’s important to keep track of what’s being said about your brand. The thing is, the news no longer travels only through major publications. It’s the age of social media; a celebrity’s Instagram photo might carry as much promotional weight as an article in the Wall Street Journal. JWT Sao Paolo is addressing the problem with BrandMagz, a tool that streamlines digital buzz-tracking. ...READ MORE

JWT MENA’s ‘New-Age Ramadan’ examines how cultural shifts are changing the Muslim religious season


JWT MENA is spotlighting today’s “New-Age Ramadan,” the direct result of progressive mindsets in the Middle East/North Africa region, in a new report. Enculturation has seen Ramadan gradually moving from being religious/traditional to more of a cultural festival, with the emergence of a typical commercial “Ramadan shopper." ...READ MORE

Nokia and JWT Mexico orchestrate musical reminder to silent phones during performances

Since the recent rise in the popularity of cell phones, it has become commonplace to hear a ringtone or text message notification during a movie or concert, interrupting the experience. To combat this noisy problem, JWT Mexico and Nokia used the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico to create the world’s first “Ringphonic Orchestra.” Nokia's "Ringphonic Orchestra" encouraged audiences to turn off their phones during performances by combining a live action advertising stunt with the orchestra’s usual performance. ...READ MORE

JWT San Juan’s “The Race of a Country” gives new meaning to an Olympic hurdler’s race

Last year, Banco Popular's "The Most Popular Song" by JWT San Juan helped stimulate Puerto Rico's economy and challenge its reliance on welfare by rewriting the lyrics to one of the country's most well-known songs. In 2012, JWT San Juan and Banco Popular created "The Race of a Country" to keep the momentum going by inspiring Puerto Rico once again. With the help of Olympic hurdler Javier Culson, JWT San Juan invited Puerto Rico to metaphorically run with Culson to overcome the many hardships faced by the country. ...READ MORE

JWT Brazil creates “Superformula”

The AC Camargo Cancer Center and Warner Bros have banded together with JWT Brazil to create the “Superformula to Fight Cancer.” This beautiful and heart warming campaign blends the heartaches and hardships of being a child fighting cancer, with the super-human ability and wonder of some of “The Justice League’s” best known superheroes.