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Behold the Future: A look inside JWTIntelligence’s “The Future 100″ report

At the juncture of global trends, news and curiosity stands Lucie Greene. As the new Worldwide Director of JWTIntelligence, the colleague-acclaimed “trend empress” wowed an audience of J. Walter Thompson personnel, clients and a wide array of Atlanta marketing professionals with a selection of trends she’s forecast for 2015 and beyond. ...READ MORE

JWT London explores the Elastic Generation, consumers in their 50’s and 60’s

Whether it is starting a business, traveling the world or looking for love, consumers in their 50s and 60s have consistently demonstrated their trailblazing behavior and youthful attitudes unlike any generation before them. Recently dubbed the Elastic Generation by JWT London, they have shattered stereotypes of what it means to be 50+ today. The Elastic Generation has so diverged from preconceived notions of their age group, that they now form a completely new consumer group. ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: American anxiety, retail meets high-tech and Boomer dating

Each Friday we package up the top trends, reports, articles and news bursts from the week. Our trends this week look at the ambient anxiety of Americans, technology upending the retail industry, and dating for the Baby Boomer generation. Read more at JWT Intelligence.

Got Social Media FOMO?

From Facebook to Foursquare and Instagram, the bevy of social media tools at our disposal has created an unprecedented ability to see what others are doing around us, and evidently, without us. The Fear of Missing Out, better known as FOMO, refers to that nagging and anxious feeling that you're missing out on something, and it has only become amplified by our over-connected world. ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: ‘GUTS,’ America’s minority majority and Silicon Valley’s nouveau riche

Each Friday we package up the top trends, reports, articles and news bursts from the week. This week, these trends include 'GUTS'-four major world powers, America's minority majority, and the consumption habits of Silicon Valley's nouveau riche. Read more at JWT Intelligence.