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J. Walter Thompson @ SXSWi: How playing video games is good for your brain

On my final day at SXSW, I attended the session "How video games are disrupting medicine and education," an enlightening look at the benefits of gaming hosted by two leading neurology professors. ...READ MORE

Talent, tech & inspiration in spades at SXSW

SXSW Interactive was a fantastic festival for innovation, entrepreneurship and talent—and a very important reminder of how fast we need to be moving to keep pace with and stay ahead of our ever-evolving industry. I was inspired with Google's Project Re:Brief: an experiment in re-imagining how digital advertising can fuse both technology and creative ideas to enhance connections. Legendary icons behind some of the greatest advertising campaigns reunited to prove that not only do great ideas come first, but also hope to push the boundaries in the way we engage an audience. ...READ MORE

Kale versus BBQ

Having recently returned from the SXSW Interactive show in Austin, it was exciting to watch the battle between kale and BBQ. As everyone knows, BBQ is a time-honored tradition in Austin – a meaty, saucy and satisfying dish designed to please a hungry audience that’s had one too many beers. Kale, on then other hand, seems to be fast becoming the trendy antidote (some may say enemy) to BBQ at SXSW. Kale is becoming BBQ’s mortal enemy. Why?  ...READ MORE