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Campaign Asia Pacific: Starting a Lab in an Agency is the New Black

Cannes Lions 2015 was a true watershed moment in terms of the infusion of startup thinking and process into what we do, writes J. Walter Thompson's Joseph Chua. ...READ MORE

Advertising And The Facebook Newsfeed – The Illusion Of Fan Power

Since Facebook started allowing advertising on its site, marketers and brands have rushed to get on the platform to get their messages in front of its large and global audience (1B+ active users) and many were excited about the ability to do so at little or no cost having spent decades paying thousands/millions to reach TV and radio audiences. ‘Early adopter’ brands that invested time and the right resource into social media marketing quickly rose to the top, building huge audiences constantly digitally connected with their brand. ...READ MORE
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Tom Shepard Wishes JWT Success in Building on 150 Years of Business

Although the advertising world has shifted dramatically since the early days of JWT, the same principles of creativity and innovation still drive the business today. And according to Tom Shepard, former publisher of the influential LOOK Magazine and well-known salesman of his generation, the same cardinal rule endures: "Nothing happens in business unless something is sold." ...READ MORE

Meet the People: JWT Israel’s Hadas Liwer

Make no mistake – Hadas Liwer, the Chief Creative Officer at JWT Israel, is a woman to watch. From the moment she opened a design studio of her own at age 20, Hadas has been making strides in the world of advertising and currently stands as the only female CCO in Israel’s top 20 agencies. She says she “stumbled upon advertising,” but to us it looks like she glided right in. ...READ MORE

Best of: Worldmakers

In 2013, JWT Worldwide CEO and Chairman Bob Jeffrey sat down with thought leaders around the world to discuss perspectives on marketing, advertising, and innovation in Worldmakers. In the third installment of the series, which aired exclusively on LinkedIn, Bob and his guests spoke about the importance of cultural understanding and how technology impacts consumers. We’ve rounded up some of the top Worldmakers episodes, featuring President of Unilever Asia, Alan Jope; CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner; fashion designer, Vega Wang; CMO of Starbucks China, Marie Han Silloway; and world-famous Chef, Marcus Samuelsson. ...READ MORE

GIF Crazy: The peculiar resurrection of an Internet relic

The word ‘GIF’ conjures up memories of distracting, seizure-inducing, blinged out MySpace templates and flashbacks to Web 1.0. Historically, the use of looping low-res GIF art on the web was an eyesore at best, and the clearest mark of poor website design. But over the last few years, these graphic vermin have found new footing, and have been embraced by artists, bloggers and brands alike for their compatibility, simplicity and ability to relay a clear and concise message. ...READ MORE

Nokia and JWT Mexico orchestrate musical reminder to silent phones during performances

Since the recent rise in the popularity of cell phones, it has become commonplace to hear a ringtone or text message notification during a movie or concert, interrupting the experience. To combat this noisy problem, JWT Mexico and Nokia used the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico to create the world’s first “Ringphonic Orchestra.” Nokia's "Ringphonic Orchestra" encouraged audiences to turn off their phones during performances by combining a live action advertising stunt with the orchestra’s usual performance. ...READ MORE

Facebook Stops Sponsored Stories—So Good Ads Can Be Liked As Good Ads After All?

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was simplifying its ad units choices and dropping Sponsored Stories. Simplifying ad choices makes great sense. We've all been spending the last few years educating our clients on the importance of Facebook and the subtleties of social marketing, and having 27 ad formats hasn't helped. Focusing on lightweight publishing and broadening the use of the page post to handle offers and questions works. ...READ MORE