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Cannes Diary Pt. 5 – Simon Hayes & Giles Clayton

Simon Hayes (Art Director) and Giles Clayton (Copywriter) from J. Walter Thompson Sydney, earned themselves a spot in the Print category of the Cannes Young Lions competition. Their campaign for The White Ribbon Foundation raises awareness about domestic violence and calls attention to the fact that one Australian woman is killed every week by a previous or current partner. ...READ MORE
Matt Passion Panel

Recap: “Passion Trumps Talent” with Matt Eastwood

Passion and imagination tend to be thought of as entities that can assist your career, but not necessarily make or break it. Skill sets are what initially qualify you for a job opportunity, and if you happen to be passionate about your profession, lucky you! Matt Eastwood, Chief Creative Director for J. Walter Thompson, Worldwide, says it’s time to rethink this misconception. ...READ MORE
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Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 8

Our last week of the  Cannes Contenders 2016 series is here! We have some awesome work by our offices in New York, London, and Brazil. Check out the campaigns below. ...READ MORE

Welcome to My New Life

Last year, Natalia Romero Ramirez posed with Adriana Pineda, J. Walter Thompson Colombia's VP of Integrated Communications Planning,  Scholarship recipients in 2015, as one of five young women selected for our Helen Lansdowne Resor (HLR) Scholarship. ...READ MORE

Campaign Asia Pacific: Starting a Lab in an Agency is the New Black

Cannes Lions 2015 was a true watershed moment in terms of the infusion of startup thinking and process into what we do, writes J. Walter Thompson's Joseph Chua. ...READ MORE

Advertising And The Facebook Newsfeed – The Illusion Of Fan Power

Since Facebook started allowing advertising on its site, marketers and brands have rushed to get on the platform to get their messages in front of its large and global audience (1B+ active users) and many were excited about the ability to do so at little or no cost having spent decades paying thousands/millions to reach TV and radio audiences. ‘Early adopter’ brands that invested time and the right resource into social media marketing quickly rose to the top, building huge audiences constantly digitally connected with their brand. ...READ MORE
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Tom Shepard Wishes JWT Success in Building on 150 Years of Business

Although the advertising world has shifted dramatically since the early days of JWT, the same principles of creativity and innovation still drive the business today. And according to Tom Shepard, former publisher of the influential LOOK Magazine and well-known salesman of his generation, the same cardinal rule endures: "Nothing happens in business unless something is sold." ...READ MORE