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J. Walter Thompson MEA Releases Executive Summary for 10 MENA Trends for 2015 Report

In anticipation of the launch of the full report in September 2015, J. Walter Thompson MEA has launched the executive summary of their 10 MENA Trends for 2015 report.
Developed by J. Walter Thompson MENA's trends forecasting team Brand Intelligence, the report "outlines 10 of the most compelling macros trends identified today--trends whose impact will be felt in 2015 and beyond as they continue to unfold, the ones shaping societal mood, behaviors and attitudes."

Looking back at future trends: JWTIntelligence’s new “10 Years of 10 Trends” report

This week, J. Walter Thompson celebrated a decade of annual trends forecasting by releasing “10 Years of 10 Trends.” The report explores 10 of the most compelling macro trends identified since JWTIntelligence began its annual forecasts — trends shaping societal behaviors and attitudes, and defining the business landscape today. It maps how these trends have evolved to now, and casts an eye forward to where they are headed next. ...READ MORE

From mind-reading headbands to one-night stands, JWT’s Trends Salon explores this year’s trend forecast

To bring JWTIntelligence's annual 10 Trends report to life, last week they held their first Trends Salon at JWT New York. The event brought together an array of the experts and influencers who provided vital input to the report. ...READ MORE

2014 – The Year Consumers Take Control

Economic uncertainy, social tension and the hyper-connected progressive Arab are driving many of the trends forecast for the near future. According to the second annual trend report from JWT MENA, progressive consumers are taking on the responsibility of shaping their own futures with crowd power and technology, and enabling self-sustainable lifestyles. ...READ MORE

10 Trends that will shape our world in 2014 and beyond

The year may be winding down, but December is an exciting time to look ahead. In their ninth annual forecast, JWTIntelligence shares ten key trends that will drive consumer mind-set and behavior for 2014 and beyond. According to JWT Director of Trendspotting Ann Mack, these trends look at how consumers are both welcoming and resisting technology's growing omnipresence. ...READ MORE

Trends come to the tablet in new JWTIntelligence app

With the launch of the JWTIntelligence iPad app, our trends team has brought their insights to your fingertips. Not only is this kind of app a first for us, but also in typical JWT fashion, it is a first for the ad industry as a whole. This mobile platform will consolidate our trends research and analysis into a rich and robust package for the iPad. ...READ MORE

2013: The Year of Aggregation & Integration

JWT Atlanta’s Kristen Green presents a deep dive into one of JWT Intelligence’s 10 Trends for 2013: The Super Stress Era, looking at how digital overload & technology will impacting the consumer landscape.
As the digital deluge around us continues to grow, we will seek out ways to streamline our lives. Ever-advancing technology provides ways to aggregate and integrate our lives into a streamline of digital efficiency. ...READ MORE

Meet the People: Ron Magliocco talks shopper marketing and smartphones

If you’ve ever wondered what makes people buy the things they do, Ron Magliocco is your go-to guy for the answers. As JWT’s first Global Business Director of Shopper Marketing, Ron tackles questions like this on a daily basis. Since joining the agency early this year, he’s been leading the expansion of JWT’s current shopper marketing capabilities across our global network. In our interview with Ron, we chat about a 'worldmade' shopper network, retail trends, and how the smartphone has forever changed grocery shopping. ...READ MORE

Trends Roundup: JWT’s 10 Trends for 2013, hubbies doing housework and the anti-college movement

Each Friday we package up the top trends, reports, articles and news bursts from the week. Our trends this week include JWT Intelligence's 10 Trends for 2013, hubbies doing housework, and the anti-college movement. Read more at JWT Intelligence.