KitKat BendGate

JWT London & KITKAT React to #Bendgate

Earlier this month, Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus made their debut. And with the announcement came the reviews. Within four days, reports emerged on blogs and social media channels about the phone bending in customer's pockets. The conversation erupted on Twitter under the hashtag #Bendgate. ...READ MORE

The Benefits and Dangers of Big Data

Financial firms and other large organisations are finding that they need to process massive amounts of data. However, this move carries both benefits and risks and it is important to be aware of both. Big Data, as it is known, is everywhere. It is found in mathematics, government, science and so on. The financial services industry uses it the most, however, and this is potentially also where the largest risks are. The idea around Big Data is being able to analyze and process huge amounts of data very quickly. ...READ MORE