Meet the People: Amy Avery, Chief Analytics Officer at JWT North America

This past April, JWT named Amy Avery, former head of data and analytics at Proximity BBDO, North America's new head of analytics. Prior to joining JWT, Avery spent nearly four years at BBDO, where she built a practice for digital research and analytics across North America, rising to SVP, Head of Data and Analytics, North America. She has also held roles at JWT/RMG Connect, DotGlu, ComGroup and Grey Worldwide. Avery has worked with major brands such as AT&T Mobility, FedEx, Hormel, Starbucks, SC Johnson, Campbell’s, U.S. Marine Corps, FEMA, Kimberly-Clark and Merrill Lynch, among others. ...READ MORE

Denise Pérez of JWT Pharma to chair the 2014 ASPID jury

Denise Perez, CEO of JWT Pharma, was appointed to chair the jury for the 2014 edition of the Ibero-American health and pharmacy ASPID awards. With this distinction, the executive assumes the responsibility to make sure the contest maintains its characteristic high standards.

"I feel very honored to have been chosen for this task. Chairing the jury that grades the work submitted is a tremendous challenge and responsibility. My task will focus on verifying that the voting process meets the standards of clarity, simplicity and transparency that characterize the ASPID challenge, and to facilitate the judging task to bring the evaluation of the participants' creative work to fruition," said Denise. ...READ MORE

JWT MEA’s “Food for Thought” Initiative

At JWT we have been pioneering ideas for 150 years, but how can you pioneer an idea when you are hungry and don’t know where the next meal is coming from?

We knew this was the situation facing many people in the cities and outlying districts in which we live and work, so we created the “Food for Thought” initiative because you can’t pioneer ideas on an empty stomach. ...READ MORE
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Kenco Sends Powerful Ethical Message With Coffee vs. Gangs Project

Sustainability has become the norm within the coffee industry and consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical of ethical messages from big brands. In an effort to make a real difference in people's lives, JWT London developed a pioneering, category-redefining idea to reawaken the UK population to Kenco's commitment to doing good. Kenco, one of the world’s largest coffee brands, has embarked on an initiative that brings the brand beyond its limits. ...READ MORE

From The Local Market To Amazon: Online Shopping in Colombia and Venezuela

Some say that shopping is a world-wide sport, while others seem to differ and avoid the activity at all costs. Whether you're a shopaholic or a forced-to-shop type, online shopping has made life a lot easier in the past couple years. Waking up to a package has become the norm in some areas of the world, while day-long shopping at malls still seems to have a heavy stake in others. As both a gift and a curse to the retail world of the consumer, online accessibility has made shopping a lot more addictive then it once was. ...READ MORE

Advertising And The Facebook Newsfeed – The Illusion Of Fan Power

Since Facebook started allowing advertising on its site, marketers and brands have rushed to get on the platform to get their messages in front of its large and global audience (1B+ active users) and many were excited about the ability to do so at little or no cost having spent decades paying thousands/millions to reach TV and radio audiences. ‘Early adopter’ brands that invested time and the right resource into social media marketing quickly rose to the top, building huge audiences constantly digitally connected with their brand. ...READ MORE