10 Things About Digital in Latin America

While BRIC countries often dominate the conversation when talking about emerging markets in digital, Latin America (beyond Brazil, of course) also represents significant growth in connectivity. In fact, while the global level of Internet penetration is 34%, the average for this region is 43%. In some countries the figure is even higher; 66% of Argentineans have access to the Internet, exceeding continental Europe (63%). Coupling this increased connectivity with consistent GDP growth, a massive opportunity for brands has opened up in Latin America.



Makers Discuss Power Of The First-Ever Twitter-Activated Pride Flag

A rainbow-colored flag, an important symbol for pride in the LGBT community, flies high in Toronto during this year's WorldPride Festival. But this rainbow flag is unlike all others. With the help of JWT Canada and ShantyTown Inc., Toronto PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) has created the first-ever Twitter-powered Pride flag. The #RaiseThePride Flag acts as a thermometer for the Twitter community's sentiment toward the LGBT community, moving up the pole for encouraging and positive tweets and lowering for language that is homophobic, hurtful or discouraging. ...READ MORE
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“The Circular Economy” Study Identifies New, Sustainable Business Model

There is a growing understanding in the corporate world that traditional business models – based on the presumption of unlimited and cheap natural resources – must evolve to address 21st century realities. In its latest trend report, JWTIntelligence explores an alternative economic model that has been gaining traction as companies look to build relations with their customers and to boost competitiveness.


Hernán Rebaldería Takes JWT Brands On The Road In South America

Embarking on a 12 day, 3,500 km journey through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, a trio of Vespa-riding bikers including JWT Brazil creative director/copywriter Hernán Rebaldería set out on an enlightening “Business Road Trip.” Headed to the international Vespa meeting in Paraguay and armed with support from brands including Shell, Nestle, Coca-Cola and Bridgestone, the team used products solely made by clients of JWT. ...READ MORE

The Future Is Frozen

I work in Minneapolis. This phrase will usually elicit one of two reactions from anyone in the ad industry who isn’t from here. The first is centered on the level of mercury in our thermometers, followed by a quip about the amount of hard alcohol in our blood. And while the inverse correlation between the two is charming at times, our usual temperament for temperature talk is as low as, well, it’s low. ...READ MORE