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Lemon Sky J. Walter Thompson Poland launches campaign for Syrians displaced by civil war

March 15, 2015 marks four years since the outbreak of civil war in Syria. Since 2011, the war has displaced almost 8 million people, forcing them to leave their homes in search of refuge in their own country. Almost half of the displaced, that's nearly 4 million, are children.

In their daily fight for survival, millions of these Syrians have been left feeling forgotten by the international community. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson @ SXSWi: Power and Fame online – community, culture & internet celebrities

Over the course of the SXSW Interactive conference there are a number of sessions looking at YouTubers, influencers and social media celebrities. On day two I attended a session called "Changing faces of Fame: Social Media Celebrities" and the session I decided to attend Sunday was titled "YouTube grows up: Community and Culture." ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson @ SXSWi: A wallet on your wrist – wearable tech and finance

A 2014 report by Juniper Research estimated that by 2019, global retail revenue from smart wearable devices would $53.2 billion, approximately 11x the $4.5 billion expected for 2014. by 2019, compared to the $4.5 billion expected this year.

Among other things, the report asserted "that the recent entry of key industry players within the wearables sector has helped fuel an explosion of new devices in this increasingly crowded market. However, it argues that vendors still need to get over the ‘technology first’ attitude and think in terms of consumer benefits for an increased product adoption." ...READ MORE
Abla shot-Lynx-TV interview after session 1

J. Walter Thompson @ Dubai Lynx 2015: Abla Fahita takes Dubai Lynx by storm

It was not some tech multinational CEO, nor a senior data analyzer revealing never-before-heard insights who got a full-house and the loudest standing ovation at Dubai Lynx this year. It was a puppet. Not any puppet though, but the region’s most successful puppet, Abla Fahita - who was there, courtesy of J. Walter Thompson MEA - to share her tried and tested recipe for how to play it big online. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson @ SXSWi: Neuroplasticity and tech – attention divided

Friday morning, HeyHuman Innovation Director and Innovator, Dan Machen and Felix Morgan, had SXSW buzzing with their session, "Neuroplasticity and Tech: Why Brands Have to Change."

As the title implies, the presenters discussed neuroplasticity, a term that describes how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain and centered the discussion around one key question. "What is looking at our inbox and phone 100s of times a day doing to our heads and, most importantly, what does this 'hyperstimulation' mean for attention spans, cognition and brand recall?" ...READ MORE