Mad Men, Chewbacca & Interns

Yesterday, the NYC summer interns braved the torrential rain for a special field trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. #Squad. Admittedly, we weren’t exactly sure what we would be walking into but we jumped at the chance to get an afternoon, though a rainy one, out of the office. ...READ MORE
10 trends

J. Walter Thompson MEA Releases Executive Summary for 10 MENA Trends for 2015 Report

In anticipation of the launch of the full report in September 2015, J. Walter Thompson MEA has launched the executive summary of their 10 MENA Trends for 2015 report.
Developed by J. Walter Thompson MENA's trends forecasting team Brand Intelligence, the report "outlines 10 of the most compelling macros trends identified today--trends whose impact will be felt in 2015 and beyond as they continue to unfold, the ones shaping societal mood, behaviors and attitudes."