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JWTIntelligence introduces ‘The Future 100,’ a look at global trends in 2015

JWTIntelligence's latest report, The Future 100, launched today, features original analysis and insights on 100 key trends and cultural shifts to watch in the year ahead. An evolution of the of JWTIntelligence’s flagship 100 Things to Watch, The Future 100 features a new look and format, connecting the dots between the “what” and the “why,” by including a “Why it’s interesting” analysis with each item. Categories covered in the report are: Culture, Beauty, Brands, Food and Drink, Innovation, Lifestyle, Luxury, Retail, Sustainability and Technology. ...READ MORE
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Wishes Across America

Amidst the busy noise the holiday season brings, Macy’s and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have heard the whispers of children in need and will grant more than 50 of their wishes in a single day. On December 12th, National Believe Day – a day devoted to embracing the season’s spirit of generosity and kindness toward others – children across America suffering from life-threatening medical conditions will receive their holiday wish. ...READ MORE
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Air Canada surprises Canadians living in London with the gift of home

Millions of Canadian citizens who study, work and live abroad, often seek out the company of fellow Canadian expats while away from home. But during the holidays, while getting together with other Canadians works for much of the year, there’s no substitute for being at home surrounded by loved ones. Because they are in the business of reuniting people with their loved ones, Air Canada set out to give 200 lucky holiday-home-sick Canadians the most meaningful gift of all: home. ...READ MORE
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Announcing J. Walter Thompson’s history of advertising

In celebrating J. Walter Thompson's milestone anniversary this year, our agency's unique story has come to the fore. From the “once upon a time” of our beginnings as Carlton & Smith to 15 decades of pioneering achievements, in our 150th year we have celebrated our great work, passionate people, and longstanding brand partnerships. Every one of these moments have helped JWT thrive year after year from 1864 to today. ...READ MORE