Technology and engagement at Cannes

It’s been an interesting Cannes with a move toward work that has both richer and deeper engagement within the plethora of channels glued together by technology. And although we know this is going to happen more and more, I think many have been surprised by the amount of work awarded for doing its job of selling while actually making a real and positive difference in the world. A simple example of this is the Radio Grand Prix: A radio signal broadcast as a Mosquito repellent for Go Outside Magazine.

Genius. Technology meets real world challenges.

The Radio Category was chaired by South Africa’s own Rob Mclennan, who as a South African is well versed in ideas that make a difference, as are many creatives from developing nations.

There are many more examples from this year’s awards, but its great to see how advertising seems to be growing up to tackle the bigger issues facing the world – It’s really a no-brainer – these are after all the most important things that need solving for our audience, and we can do that. We do that every day. Now we need to do it for real. Proper. Bring it on.

Conn Bertish is the Executive Creative Director of JWT Cape Town.

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