Shifting landscapes in Cannes

The ability to create has evolved. And it keeps evolving. The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity continues to show how the industry lives and breathes in real time. Having been here last year, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in how the industry understands social media.

Last year, social media was a largely untamed beast. Some brands were successful at utilizing social media to its full potential, while others were scared of losing control.

This year at Cannes, there is a renewed confidence in the ability to harness the power of social media. Strategies that were presented last year have now come to life. Huffington Post Live is a perfect example.  They’ve taken the archaic structure of news, and changed its experience from passive to interactive. They are no longer just aggregating world events, they’re building on them through global conversations.

As creatives working at JWT, we see that advertising is finally catching up. Brands are speaking with consumers, and not just to them.

— Patrice Pollack (left) and Alex Newman (right) both are members of JWT New York.  Follow Patrice and Alex on Twitter.

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