Jordan Casey at Cannes Lions: An experience of a lifetime

Hello, Jordan Casey here. I’m a 12 year old app developer and I recently spoke at JWT’s Junior Worldmakers seminar at Cannes Lions 2012. It was probably one of the most nerve-wracking, yet fun experiences of my life. Not only did I get to speak at a seminar at the Cannes Lions Festival at the age of 12, but I got to meet some amazing people. What I’ve come out with from Cannes is a really great experience & some great contacts. It was probably one of the best, if not THE best, experiences of my life.

JWT had reached out and told me that they were planning a seminar at the Cannes Lions festival titled “Junior Worldmakers” — ‘Worldmakers’ meaning people who change the world and, well, ‘Junior’ being kids. They had asked me – ME to speak at the seminar with two other amazing kids! One Caine Monroy, Creator of Caine’s Arcade and another Adora Svitak, author since 7, child activist and the youngest speaker at TED. I was soooooo happy to get this opportunity and to be honest… a bit shocked. To stand alongside these amazing people! So, we left for Cannes that Saturday.

Caine and his arcade

My Mam (or as some of you outside of Ireland call Mom) was coming with me on the trip. And just as I was about to go to bed the night before our trip, I got an email from the people at JWT giving me a schedule for the weekend:


06:00 – LimoLink Car picks Jordan and Louise up from home and brings them to Dublin Airport

12:00 – Go on Flight

14:00 – Arrive in Airport, man holding sign saying “Casey” will drive Jordan and Louise to Hotel D’albier in LimoLink car

And I was like :O, I was so grateful and so excited for the experience of a lifetime. When we arrived we took it easy for the day. But, on Sunday it was a different story. We woke up and went to the Cannes Lions exhibition only to see two booths—YouTube on one side and Microsoft on the other side showing off Windows 8, Kinect and a fun Twitter competition that I will get into in a few minutes.

The view from my hotel room

So, there was a Twitter competition called Tweets in Space where you get 100 points by Tweeting #MSACannes and the person with the most points wins a FREE Nokia Lumia 900, which isn’t even released in Ireland. You probably know what I’m getting at…I won the Nokia!!

Me on the Nokia Screen

That night we had the dinner with the other speakers and the JWT team. It was really fun!


So Monday was the big day, the seminar day. So we woke up and went to the hotel suite where we were meeting up! It was fun and we got our hair and makeup done. And then we went to speak in front of about 1,100 people. Here are the highlights:

It was really fun and also nerve-wracking. After that, we had a really nice lunch and then we filmed a couple of interviews and a short piece for a Russian film team. Then my Mam and I went to the beach and saw that Caine and the director of Caine’s film, Nirvan were there. So, we made a massive sandcastle and that was fun! When leaving the beach, walking up the pier I spotted a logo, Adobe’s logo! If you guys didn’t know, I love Adobe. Greenboy was made in Flash and every single graphic for my game was created in Photoshop. When I walked up I met these really nice people, who believe or not had seen our seminar…. ADOBE HAD SEEN OUR SEMINAR! They were so nice and gave me a free Adobe T-Shirt and my Mam a bag full of goodies. They asked me to do an interview with them the next day. I WAS GETTING INTERVIEWED BY ADOBE!

Me with the Adobe guys!


So, the next day (Our Final day) I did an amazing interview with Adobe. And then, just after the interview had finished Adobe said to me “Okay, you can either have Creative Cloud or Creative Suite 6 Master Collection” and when I heard that I was like :O :O :O :O.

An amazing experience in Cannes, A Nokia Lumia 900, the chance to meet some amazing people and free software. I feel like the luckiest kid alive. So, as you can see I was very lucky and I would just like to thank everyone at JWT New York for making this a reality. I will never forget you guys.

Thank You Sooo Much.


Jordan Casey is is one of the world’s youngest app developers. He is the founder of Casey Games. You can follow @CaseyGames on Twitter.

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