JWT/OgilvyAction and EXPO study the impact of engagement on a brand’s bottom line

JWT/OgilvyAction, in partnership with EXPO, the first consumer network focused on creating and distributing user-generated product review videos, carried out a research study on the implications digital communication has for consumer behavior. According to findings, a typically underrated “like” can be a powerful factor in increasing potential sales and building a positive public opinion. 

Although 80% of shoppers are digitally engaged with brands in some way, the study identifies a specific group of consumers called Brand Connected Consumers (BCCs), who may be influential enough to impact the brand’s perception and revenue.

“A brand’s silence in the social space—specifically the lack of acknowledgement—can be detrimental to future sales success.” – Ken Madden, Executive VP, Head of Digital, OgilvyAction North America

BCCs are more digitally engaged with brands and represent about one in four consumers. Their ability to share helpful and often positive information about a product or service with thousands of peers makes these consumers powerful brand advocates.

Why are Brand Connected Consumers valuable ‘brand journalists’?

-BCCs perform specific online activities at least once a week, including looking for new content (messages, videos, posts) about brands and posting comments about, or directly to, brands on blogs, websites and social networks.

-When BCCs are satisfied with their digital interaction with a brand, they are significantly more likely to recommend the brand, with four in ten reporting purchasing more of the brand’s product or services.

-Although the majority of posts are positive, when BCCs do post a negative comment, they report it goes unanswered more than half (56%) of the time. Seven in ten shoppers report they stop buying the brand in these cases.

-BCCs are most likely to seek and post information to/about retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods brands.

BCCs voice their opinions in public and visible ways, creating a customer service platform out of social media. These interactions provide a tremendous opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves and engage consumers at key points throughout the pre- and post- shopping experience. Brands must quickly learn that it is not only what consumers are saying about the brand that matters, but also how meaningful and responsive the brand’s reactions and interactions are.

Stay tuned for the full report, which we’ll share here next week. Or read the full press release here.

Photo by: Joyce Seitzinger

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