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Cannes 2016: J. Walter Thompson Earns 5 Gold Lions

We are proud to share the fantastic wins we’ve earned across Effectiveness, Digital Craft, Product Design, PR, Design and Outdoor categories. ...READ MORE

Cannes 2016: J. Walter Thompson Direct, Glass, Print, Promo and Radio Winners

Following yesterday’s news of our shortlists in the Direct, Glass, Print, Promo and Radio categories, we’re now happy to share our wins. ...READ MORE

Cannes 2016: J. Walter Thompson Pharma and Health & Wellness Winners

We got our first round of great news for Cannes just a few weeks ago with J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam's “The Next Rembrandt,” J. Walter Thompson Bangkok's “Touchable Ink” and J. Walter Thompson Colombia's “Lifesaver Backpack” earning shortlists in the Innovation category. ...READ MORE
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Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 8

Our last week of the  Cannes Contenders 2016 series is here! We have some awesome work by our offices in New York, London, and Brazil. Check out the campaigns below. ...READ MORE

Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 7

Now only a week away from Cannes, here are week 7's Cannes Contenders from our offices in Bogotá, Sydney, London and São Paulo. ...READ MORE

Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 6

With Cannes quickly approaching and the competition heating up, here our week 6 contenders from our offices in Colombia, Bangkok, Costa Rica, and London. ...READ MORE

“Downtown Fonts” typefaces transcend signage and find way into Egyptian rock bands, news headlines, culture, and jewelry culture

New Arabic fonts are as rare as hen’s teeth, which is precisely why Downtown Cairo’s culturally inspired typefaces were developed into scripts, and made publicly available to download for free. ...READ MORE
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Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 5

Now only three weeks away from Cannes, week 5 contenders are heating up. Dive into this week of Cannes Contenders with work from our offices in Puerto Rico, Bangalore, New York, Amsterdam and London. ...READ MORE
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Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 4

Marking our halfway point in this year’s Cannes Contenders series, here are six pieces of work from our offices in New York, London, Bangkok, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Cairo. ...READ MORE