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Meet The People: New CTO of MENA Region Greg Shuler

JWT announced today the appointment of Greg Shuler as Chief Talent Officer for the MENA region.

Shuler joins from SapientNitro where he has managed the full HR remit for its European business and was instrumental in building the company culture in Europe as well as leading due diligence and acquisition work from a people perspective in the region since 2008. ...READ MORE

JWT Toronto’s Meredith Wright Creates Documentary About Modeling Industry

Before Meredith Wright became JWT Toronto’s Content Director, she was a model. Starting out at the age of seventeen, Wright was scouted at a shopping mall in Ottawa, Canada. She continued to model for six years, being featured in campaigns for Garage clothing, Elle Girl, and Adidas and working in markets in Asia and Europe for international magazines and clothing companies. ...READ MORE

Meet the People: New Gulf Region CEO Michiel Hofstee

Last week, JWT announced the key promotion of Michiel Hofstee, JWT Dubai's Managing Director, to CEO for the Gulf region. Leading the company’s operations in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar markets, Hofstee will retain his base in Dubai and continue to report in to Vatche Keverian, JWT MENA’s CEO. ...READ MORE

Monsters meet their match

Who said monsters were scary? Maybe they are just as fun, lovable and human-like as we are… That's what Jordan Young, Art Director at JWT New York, thought when he started his personal tumblr project Matching Monsters—an illustrative blog that captures the monsters counterparts in all of us. With the claim "there's a monster out there for everyone, sometimes you just need help seeing it," Jordan brings to life the monster twins in submitted photos, and the results are great (check out the sleepy line chef, our personal favorite, for starters). Even Laughing Squid and Mashable are fans of the site, and now hundreds of people around the world are too, spawning a spike in traffic since the project's launch on January 1st. We sat down with Jordan to get the scoop on Matching Monsters, the story behind it, and how it's taken off: ...READ MORE

The Business of Fashion: Shereen Daver’s WALK BY DAVER

Global Business Director by day, fashion designer at night, Shereen Daver has made a successful career for herself in the advertising industry and now is taking on the fashion world. Her line DAVER, which was launched in 2013, integrates her passion for European luxury shoes with her love for style, British flair, and her Persian roots. With Fashion Week just days away, Shereen is unveiling her latest Spring collection to the world from Feb. 4-9 at WALK BY DAVER, her first pop up store in Manhattan. We sat down with Shereen to hear the latest scoop on her fashion line, her inspiration and what's in store next for DAVER: ...READ MORE

Talking glasses with Woody Batts

Glasses may primarily exist to correct vision or shield you from the sun, but it’s no secret that they can serve as a bold accessory. Woody Batts, an Associate Creative Director at JWT New York, is well-versed in the power of frames - when you meet him, your eyes are drawn straight to the ones he has on. Bold, sharp and utterly one-of-a-kind, Woody’s self-designed glasses make quite the statement. ...READ MORE

Meet the People: JWT Israel’s Hadas Liwer

Make no mistake – Hadas Liwer, the Chief Creative Officer at JWT Israel, is a woman to watch. From the moment she opened a design studio of her own at age 20, Hadas has been making strides in the world of advertising and currently stands as the only female CCO in Israel’s top 20 agencies. She says she “stumbled upon advertising,” but to us it looks like she glided right in. ...READ MORE

Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight: Alberto Carloni

We love Ikea as much as the next person, but there’s nothing quite like handcrafted furniture made with care and detail. One look at the designs of Alberto Carloni, TV producer at JWT Italy, brings on the temptation to completely redecorate the house. Each piece of furniture he has built, be it a bookshelf or a table, showcases his craftsmanship, which is why Alberto is the latest feature in our Worldmade Gallery Artist Spotlight Series. ...READ MORE

Sebastian’s “The Endless Race” helps kids with special needs go further

Today’s dose of inspiration comes from Sebastian Rosado, a young man who partnered with Ford and 30 other kids with special needs to independently found “The Endless Race.” “The Endless Race” supports a summer camp for children with special needs run by El Centro María de Los Ángeles. This campaign also shows that nothing can hold these kids back from achieving their goals. ...READ MORE