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The Benefits and Dangers of Big Data

Financial firms and other large organisations are finding that they need to process massive amounts of data. However, this move carries both benefits and risks and it is important to be aware of both. Big Data, as it is known, is everywhere. It is found in mathematics, government, science and so on. The financial services industry uses it the most, however, and this is potentially also where the largest risks are. The idea around Big Data is being able to analyze and process huge amounts of data very quickly. ...READ MORE
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Adlatina Interview with Gustavo Martínez: “We want to lift the pioneering spirit of J. Walter Thompson”

-- This article is a translation of a piece by Natalia Biscione, editorial secretary at View the original article in Spanish here. In the midst of his transition with Bob Jeffrey, Gustavo Martínez talks about some of the network's latest news, such as Vanina Rudaeff joining the agency in Argentina. He says he likes to have women in leadership positions because they provide a differential value, and adds that he wants to position the network among the top three across the globe. ...READ MORE

The Dow Jane Effect & The Female Economy

There’s an expression: ‘money talks’ , and it would seem that when it comes to what I’m terming the ‘great female enlightenment’ or put more plainly the growing recognition that women exist to do more than….oh I don’t know… snag a starter husband (thanks @NineWest) or agonise over how pretty we really are, money is a powerfully persuasive force. ...READ MORE

From The Local Market To Amazon: Online Shopping in Colombia and Venezuela

Some say that shopping is a world-wide sport, while others seem to differ and avoid the activity at all costs. Whether you're a shopaholic or a forced-to-shop type, online shopping has made life a lot easier in the past couple years. Waking up to a package has become the norm in some areas of the world, while day-long shopping at malls still seems to have a heavy stake in others. As both a gift and a curse to the retail world of the consumer, online accessibility has made shopping a lot more addictive then it once was. ...READ MORE

Advertising And The Facebook Newsfeed – The Illusion Of Fan Power

Since Facebook started allowing advertising on its site, marketers and brands have rushed to get on the platform to get their messages in front of its large and global audience (1B+ active users) and many were excited about the ability to do so at little or no cost having spent decades paying thousands/millions to reach TV and radio audiences. ‘Early adopter’ brands that invested time and the right resource into social media marketing quickly rose to the top, building huge audiences constantly digitally connected with their brand. ...READ MORE

Lessons Learned from 466 Lexington Ave

As summer winds to a close, and the green gutter sludge of New York City summers is replaced by the filthy brown “snow”-sludge of New York City winter, I think about the impending end to my summer internship with JWT. The timing is certainly strange: having spent almost ten weeks here, I am just now feeling fully settled in and integrated into JWT. That’s not to say that I haven’t felt welcomed by JWTers—to the contrary—but rather that I’ve only just started working out the kinks. ...READ MORE

Summer Intern From Sao Paulo Reflects On Her Valuable Education Outside The Classroom

A couple of weeks ago, I took a subway ride I will never forget. As I stepped out of the unpleasantly sweaty L train and onto the overly crowded Union Square station platform, I found myself surrounded by large green ‘Outshine’ displays. These were the same displays that I have seen for the past couple of weeks projected in our office meeting rooms. I felt immediately overwhelmed, but in a good way.  It was more than feeling proud knowing the exact briefs responsible for creating those ads and that I had sat in those Nestlé meetings. It was even more than the excitement of how close I had been to the campaign. It was the confirmation of my love for the world of advertising. ...READ MORE
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How Apple Is About To Reinvent Wearables

A number of innovative wearable technology products have come out this year, but by far the iPhone 6 and the Apple smart watch, rumored to be called the iWatch, are the two I am anticipating the most. As much as I try to hold on to the past, a big part of me becomes really excited when a hot new gadget enters the market. The higher the anticipation, the greater my level of excitement, which is why I’m so ready for Apple to unveil its new products this fall. ...READ MORE