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Campaign Brief Asia: My Cannes Highlights by Juhi Kalia

Campaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's J Walter Thompson's Global Brands ECD - Lux and Friso Juhi Kalia's take. 

The Celebrity, The Agency and The Work

What I really like about the Cannes Lions festival is the quality of seminars. This is probably one of the top events that manages to invite and attract some of the most successful and interesting creative talent in all fields. For example, Marilyn Manson and Jamie Oliver. No matter who they are, where they are from or what they are doing for their passion or for a living, they all have something in common... ...READ MORE

Recap: “Curiosity and A Curious Mind” with Matt Eastwood and Brian Grazer

“Curiosity isn’t something you do on the couch, with a remote in one hand and a brew in the other. It’s active and acquisitive. It’s not always polite,” said Matt Eastwood earlier this morning in J. Walter Thompson’s "Curiosity and A Curious Mind" seminar with Brian Grazer.

Following on the heels of Heineken’s "Thirst for Creativity" seminar yesterday, which emphasized the high risk, high return nature of creativity, "Curiosity and A Curious Mind" started from scratch, dissecting the waning and waxing of curiosity as we age. ...READ MORE

Feminine Mystique 2.0 Recap

“The problem that has no name” lives on.

In her now-famous 1963 release, The Feminine Mystique, author Betty Friedan dared to question the true happiness of housewives and shamelessly advocating for women in the workforce. It wasn’t what Friedan had intentionally intended to write; rather, it was a byproduct of an informal survey she conducted during her college reunion at Smith College. Housewives weren’t happy; they were restless, stuck sweeping and sewing. ...READ MORE

Campaign Asia-Pacific: Six and a Half Things You Missed If You’re Not at Cannes

It's only halfway through the Cannes Week, so this list will grow - but J. Walter Thompson Singapore's Juhi Kalia has some random reflections from the festival so far. ...READ MORE

Cannes Lions 2015 Insights with the Jury: Promo & Activation Recap

What goes on in the mind of Cannes jurors? What do they think of the work? How do they decide what gets awarded?

Tuesday in Cannes, audience members got answers to these questions and more in an Insights with the Jury session. Promo & Activation Jury President Matt Eastwood, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson Company, participated in the session alongside Grey Group’s Diego Medvedocky, Razorfish’s Natalie Lam and moderator Susan Credle, of Leo Burnett Chicago. ...READ MORE
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Adobo Magazine – Tay Guan Hin Cannes Cyber Diary: Social Media used in ways never seen before

After combing through different categories of Cyber work in groups of five judges over the last three days, the entire jury came together yesterday to cull the remaining 432 entries into an even shorter list. Cyber is a fast-changing, fast-growing category driven by innovative solutions where technology plays a huge role in bringing the ideas to life. ...READ MORE

The Essence of “Latinicity”

Latin America is witnessing rapid wealth; at least that’s what the numbers say from a recent article in Business Insider. At a rate of 38 per cent in the past year, the region has the world’s fastest growing number of billionaires. This means that the super rich have a lot more money to buy high-end brands, making them an attractive consumer base in the global market. No wonder then, that Cannes Lions Festival of International Creativity has opened the stage to conversations that focus on the ripening region. ...READ MORE
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J. Walter Thompson Cannes 2015: Recap of “What Healthcare Communications Can Learn from Improv-Based Comedy”

On Friday, June 19 I gave a seminar at Lions Health at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on what healthcare communication can learn from the rules of improvisational comedy. With the help of Kevin Frank, the artistic director of training and education at The Second City Training Centre, we explained why this concept is important and how anyone can use the rules of improv to kick their creative collabs into high gear. Here are a few lessons from our session. ...READ MORE

Campaign Brief Asia: Tay Guan Hin’s Cannes Diary Day One

While I’m writing this, I’m reminded by what Lions Festival CEO Philip Thomas said in his opening remarks to the juries: “Please don’t tweet, text, Facebook, Instagram any confidential info about the work or the judges. Don’t write about whom you hate, but whom you love.” He added, “Please don’t predict what will win the Grand Prix.” False expectations will cause more harm than good. He cited an example of how he gave the same speech last year, but some judge posted a photo of the first creative he judged on social media right after.  So without letting any cyber cats out of the bag, here’s some takeaways from the jury room. ...READ MORE