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Time to Retire the Busy Working Mum

If I could nail down the stimulus that prompted me to research and write the Female Tribes, then it would be simply this: why as a society when we talk about women do we always define her in terms of her responsibilities instead of her achievements?

The totem for this behaviour in the communications landscape must certainly be ‘The busy working Mum.’ How often do we hear the term ‘Busy working Dad’?

The answer is: not often enough. ...READ MORE

At Bitcoin Conference, Forecasts of Astronomical Potential and Government Oversight

A year ago, “bitcoin” held little to no meaning for most people around the world. Today, while many are confused about what the cryptocurrency is exactly, a growing and vocal group of proponents are championing it, arguing that bitcoin could reshape how we view currency and handle financial transactions across the globe. ...READ MORE

How to Integrate Content and Commerce

Last week I attended the Adobe Summit in Utah — one of the most prescriptive digital marketing conferences in the world. Unlike other advertising conferences, the knowledge and discussions shared both in and out of sessions here are of a very practical and actionable nature. ...READ MORE

The Millennial Fan: One Big Theme from the IMG World Congress of Sports

Every year, leaders in the sports industry convene at the 2014 IMG World Congress of Sports. Hosted by the SportsBusiness Journal in Dana Point, CA, this annual event attracts sports business executives from across the globe. They meet to reflect on the past year, current trends, and the future of sports at large. ...READ MORE

10 Overriding Themes from SXSWi 2014

“How much do you still wonder about the world around you? What is your level of curiosity?” astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson asked during his keynote at this year’s SXSW Interactive. The host of the new Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey reignited a rapt audience’s sense of curiosity—pointing out that we are hardwired to explore and to wonder. ...READ MORE

JWT @ SXSWi: All about privacy…

You couldn’t walk three feet without hearing this buzzword at SXSW: Privacy. Its tentacles were far-reaching and a main stream of core conversations in Austin.

Discussions ranged from Internet data, hacking, NSA data leaks via Snowden and services such as Wikileaks to new healthcare devices and how privacy can impact targeted marketing services. ...READ MORE

JWT @ SXSWi: Lena Dunham, Mark Webb, and Sharon Weinberger

SXSW has provided a valuable insight into a world of others thoughts, processes, opinions and predictions.

In his fascinating Keynote, The Amazing Spider-Man Director Mark Webb gave the audience a detailed insight in to the depth of thought put in to just one element of the film, eloquently describing how his music team, which included big names like Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger and Junkie XL, crafted the soundtrack for Electro (Jamie Foxx). ...READ MORE