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What Social Data Can Do For You

There are endless options when it comes to social media monitoring. And metrics are plentiful, but often not very meaningful. This is what led me to find another way to use social data. By using raw data and looking at things like emotion, passion and personalization, I was able to create a meaningful metric, something that is actually connected to business results. As a researcher this quest has been for insights as much as it’s been about measurement. Creating a metric basically boils the proverbial ocean to find the pieces of data that matter. Now the fun part: actually using the metric. ...READ MORE

Expectation vs. Reality: World Cup Edition

And just like that, the World Cup has finally come to a close last week with a German win. With over 3.6 billion people all over the world watching the final match, the real winner this year wasn’t just Germany, but DIGITAL. Not only was this past month one for the record books for different games, players, and scoreboard results, but it also broke a lot of records in the digital world. If there is one lesson that we can take away from this hectic, but thrilling, one-month journey, it would be that brands are spending a lot more on digital advertising. Social media has become the main channel for interaction around the world, especially during major events – and after all, the World Cup happens just once every four years. ...READ MORE

Connected Televisions – Are You Tuned In?

When digital became a hot topic for brands and marketers a number of years back, it was treated with equal parts excitement and fear. Excitement at the seemingly limitless potential but also an understandable fear of the unknown. This fear caused many to be a little hesitant about its impact. What we’re seeing now in 2014 are brands truly embracing what digital technology can do to enhance their products, their messaging and the consumers' experience. ...READ MORE

4 Things To Know About Social Networking In Latin America

The World Cup is sadly over and just as predicted, this was the most digitally active World Cup to date. According to Facebook, Sunday's final between Germany and Argentina spurred activity from 88 million people that generated over 280 million World Cup posts, comments and likes. That total included 10 million people from Brazil and over 7 million people from Argentina. Even Twitter hit an all time high of more than 618,000 tweets per minute with the Brazilian star, Neymar Jr., being the most mentioned player. As proven through statistics (and not the Argentinian upset), it’s important to note that social media continues to be on the rise in Latin America. With nine out of ten Facebook users connecting every day, it is apparent that social networking plays an important role in the daily lives of Latin Americans.

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Cannes: The Cradle Of Creative

Cannes gets a lot of ratings – from both the overly enthused and stubbornly underwhelmed ad-world troop. From the powerful execs to the green-around-the-gills-minions, we proffer our opinions as to what defines the festival and the idyllic South of France for us. Varied though these may be — because Cannes stories seem to be infinite — the perspectives fall into somewhat clear categories. ...READ MORE
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Inspiration From Cannes “See It, Be It” Mentorship Program For Women Creatives

I’m still on a high. When I was selected to join the Cannes Lions first-ever “See It, Be It”  project, which aims to further women in the creative industry, I was thrilled, but had no idea what to expect.  It was an explosion of emotions, experiences, ideas, and a dose of Girl Power that’s been like gasoline on a fire. I feel like I have a dozen new sisters, a stronger sense of myself and a clearer vision for where I want to go. ...READ MORE

Ben Jones Offers Insight on YouTube as an Innovative Storytelling Tool

Why is YouTube so alluring and what draws us to the site? As a platform for user-generated storytelling, YouTube serves a wide array of communities. It offers fun sharable content that friends can bond over, it creates a space for brands to connect with consumers in unique ways, and it has led to the rise of previously unknown, now famous “YouTube stars.” ...READ MORE

10 Things About Digital in Latin America

While BRIC countries often dominate the conversation when talking about emerging markets in digital, Latin America (beyond Brazil, of course) also represents significant growth in connectivity. In fact, while the global level of Internet penetration is 34%, the average for this region is 43%. In some countries the figure is even higher; 66% of Argentineans have access to the Internet, exceeding continental Europe (63%). Coupling this increased connectivity with consistent GDP growth, a massive opportunity for brands has opened up in Latin America.