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#TheNextHLR: Yanci Wu

Six years ago, Yanci Wu immigrated to the US from China in order to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. After constantly being told that people from foreign countries were not fit to be in the creative fields, Yanci broke through barriers and received her degree from VCU in Graphic Design. ...READ MORE

Brains to Lebanon is like wine to France

Lebanon is probably at the top of the list of countries in the world with a population living outside its borders that vastly exceeds the number of people living within its borders. And for Lebanon, the ratio is huge - reports speak of 4.5 million people in Lebanon, with more than 18 million living outside the country. You can call them expats, or immigrants, or even refugees, but at the end of the day no matter what the designation, or the reason, the numbers don’t lie. ...READ MORE

It’s Personal: Creative Marketing that Matters

Marketing today is all about creating personal experiences that connects with the hearts, minds and desires of consumers. Yet even as technology makes it easier than ever to connect individually with consumers, many consumers are switching off and opting out. ...READ MORE

The mansplaining of female achievement: Let’s stop hailing ‘the guy who got her there’

In a 2012 piece for The Atlantic titled "A Cultural History of Mansplaining," writer Lily Rotham defines "mansplaining" as "explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knowns more than than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman." ...READ MORE

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

When Instagram unveiled Instagram Stories earlier this month, the interwebs flooded with debates about the close similarities the new feature bears with Snapchat's own Stories feature. Headlines like Huffington Post's "Is Instagram Stories the Nail in Snapchat's Coffin?" and The New York Times' "Instagram Take a Page from Snapchat, and Takes Aim at It, Too" define much of the chatter generated by Instagram's new release and today, Florence Lujani, J. Walter Thompson London's Social Team Lead & Head of Influencer Relations, joins in with her own take on this social media boxing match. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson London’s Rachel Pashley on What it Means to “Be as Good as a Woman”

Rachel Pashley, Group Planning Head at J. Walter Thompson London, examines the current state of female leadership in her latest op-ed for Sharp Heels. Pashley is the original creator of J. Walter Thompson Company's Female Tribes Initiative -- a living global study into thousands of women that looks at their attitudes to everything from religion, race, sex and marriage to careers, ambition and money. ...READ MORE