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Top takeaways from SXSW 2015 by JWTIntelligence

SXSW Interactive was bigger than ever this year, with more than 33,000 attendees and hundreds of panels, workshops and brunches. The best and truly futuristic content can be hard to find amid the conference’s bloated schedule, but JWTIntelligence selected the most compelling insights for its latest report, a roundup of the key themes and takeaways from SXSW Interactive 2015. ...READ MORE

Behold the Future: A look inside JWTIntelligence’s “The Future 100″ report

At the juncture of global trends, news and curiosity stands Lucie Greene. As the new Worldwide Director of JWTIntelligence, the colleague-acclaimed “trend empress” wowed an audience of J. Walter Thompson personnel, clients and a wide array of Atlanta marketing professionals with a selection of trends she’s forecast for 2015 and beyond. ...READ MORE
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Q&A: Pattie Sellers, executive director, Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

Last year, J. Walter Thompson launched the Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship, an initiative dedicated to supporting aspiring female creatives. Sparking discussions at Cannes, Advertising Week and at the 3% Conference, the scholarship has renewed discussions about the lack of female creative leadership in the advertising industry and empowering women.

Recently, Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of JWTIntelligence, added to this existing conversation in a sitdown with Patti Sellers as they discussed women, men and power. ...READ MORE
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Looking back at future trends: JWTIntelligence’s new “10 Years of 10 Trends” report

This week, J. Walter Thompson celebrated a decade of annual trends forecasting by releasing “10 Years of 10 Trends.” The report explores 10 of the most compelling macro trends identified since JWTIntelligence began its annual forecasts — trends shaping societal behaviors and attitudes, and defining the business landscape today. It maps how these trends have evolved to now, and casts an eye forward to where they are headed next. ...READ MORE
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JWTIntelligence introduces ‘The Future 100,’ a look at global trends in 2015

JWTIntelligence's latest report, The Future 100, launched today, features original analysis and insights on 100 key trends and cultural shifts to watch in the year ahead. An evolution of the of JWTIntelligence’s flagship 100 Things to Watch, The Future 100 features a new look and format, connecting the dots between the “what” and the “why,” by including a “Why it’s interesting” analysis with each item. Categories covered in the report are: Culture, Beauty, Brands, Food and Drink, Innovation, Lifestyle, Luxury, Retail, Sustainability and Technology. ...READ MORE

The latest predictive tech: speakers that can read minds

In an article published earlier this year, VentureBeat warned that predictive technology was getting smarter, more pervasive and more controversial.

What is predictive tech? Predictive tech is a tool increasingly used for marketing purposes that recognize and analyze patters in data so that past user behavior can be used to indicate or forecast likely future behavior. ...READ MORE
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JWT’s AnxietyIndex explores consumer anxiety around ebola

Ebola. The name itself provokes various emotions for all of us — fear, frustration, anger and, perhaps most of all, anxiety. For the last month, JWT’s AnxietyIndex has been exploring consumers' sentiments around Ebola in an effort to help brands navigate consumer behavior in these times of heightened anxiety. The team has tracked levels and intensity of consumer anxiety as well as the drivers of that anxiety, both from a macro and micro perspective. ...READ MORE

At Web Summit 2014, exploring what’s next in tech

Today, technology is changing the world more rapidly than at any other point in human history. The annual Web Summit, dubbed Europe's most global tech event, calls together execs from new startups to big-name Fortune 500 companies offering these business leaders the opportunity to understand what the latest changes in technology mean for their businesses and communities. Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of JWTIntelligence, headed to Dublin attend what some have called the "the best technology conference on the planet." Continuing reading for Greene's takeaways from the three-day conference. ...READ MORE

JWT’s ‘The Future of Payments & Currency’ Trend report explores new ways to pay and rise of alternative currencies

The report details the array of new ways to pay merchants and peers, and examines how the concept of currency is evolving as bitcoin and other new forms of value exchange gain steam. It also includes results of a quantitative survey of consumer attitudes conducted in the U.S. and U.K. ...READ MORE
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Meet the People: Lucie Greene, new worldwide director, JWTIntelligence

Trends forecasting, consumer insight and strategic thinking have never been more important for brands. The world is changing at a rapid rate, at different speeds by age group, ethnicity and geographical location. It’s become crucial to understand this change, the drivers, the nuances and how it will play out. Just consider the rapid adoption of new consumer technologies globally, for example. Or the shifting notion of aspiration in the juggernaut Chinese market, where social media is accelerating the metabolism of trends quicker than brands can keep up. ...READ MORE