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JWTIntelligence explores BRIC Millennials in their latest report

The term “millennials” can often feel broad – after all, how the generation looks and acts varies from country to country. In their latest report, JWTIntelligence narrows the field and hones in on 18- to 35-year-olds from four key markets: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. In “Meet the BRIC Millennials,” JWTIntelligence explores how Millennials perceive a variety of social issues and topics, from the effectiveness of their governments to thoughts on homosexuality. ...READ MORE

JWT’s 27-country AnxietyIndex study examines global consumer anxiety

Anxiety frequently informs brand and product choices, meaning brands must understand those anxieties and address them proactively—not by exploiting fear, but by finding better ways to connect with consumers looking for trust, credibility, reassurance and answers. So what’s keeping the world up at night? JWT’s newly released AnxietyIndex finds out. ...READ MORE

JWTIntelligence focuses on the future of retail

The retail world is poised for change and JWTIntelligence explores this vital business sector in “Retail Rebooted.” Covering innovative business models, shifting consumer behaviors and recent tech developments, JWT’s latest trend report provides insight into the retail world by discussing 20-plus Things to Watch in Retail and spotlighting three specific trends. ...READ MORE

JWT MENA report examines new benchmarks for “Generation ‘Why Not?’”

Millennials plan and make decisions much faster than older generations, but in the uncertain times the Middle East and North Africa is facing, what exactly are their dreams and desires when it comes to forging their future? JWT MENA’s Brand Intelligence team asked 180 Arabs aged 18 to 35 in six key markets a range of insightful “Would you rather…” questions to find out. ...READ MORE