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The Innovation Group Launches “Women, Next” Report

Witchcraft and Black beauty. Sex after 70 and female ganjapreneurs. Ethical lingerie and solo travel. These are among the shifts highlighted in “Women, Next,” the latest project from J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group that anticipates the needs, aspirations and motivations of the female consumer of the future. ...READ MORE

“Women’s interest” 2020: Media for the Future Woman

Today at 5:00pm EST at the B.B. King's in New York's Time Square, the Innovation Group's Worldwide Director Lucie Greene will take the stage as host and moderator for the "'Women's interest' 2020: Media for the Future Woman" panel. ...READ MORE
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Cannes 2016: Low-Waste Marketing

This year at Cannes, campaigns and new ventures are appealing to consumers' desire to combat waste. Speaking to the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, Martha Stewart talks about her new business venture and it's anti-waste marketing approach.

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Cannes 2016: Food Loves Tech – Key Trends

Technology meets the food industry at Cannes this year, where Edible Manhattan and VaynerLive come together to host a new event that explores the food-of-the-future. The Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence was in attendance at the event and shared their own take on the changing food industry and it's growing relationship with technology. ...READ MORE
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J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group and WWD Release “Frontier(Less) Retail”

This week, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence's Innovation Group released Frontier(less) Retail, a new report on the state of the retail industry that marks the Group’s partnership debut with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), the leading authority on fashion, beauty and retail. ...READ MORE
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J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group Introduces “Control Shift”

It's a new era, consumers are increasingly embracing the automated future and  delegating control of their lives to technology. As society is shifting,  brands can capitalize on this opportunity by delivering helpful solutions and fostering consumer empowerment. ...READ MORE

The Female Delusion and Female Capital

Female Tribes is a living study, conducted by J. Walter Thompson, about women around the world. Women have become the largest consumer category in the world and Female Tribes helps to unlock the true economic impact women have on business. ...READ MORE
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Casting aspersions: Changing the world can be as simple as changing the faces we see in ads

Female Tribes is J. Walter Thompson Company’s proprietary insight study about women around the world. This living study, conducted globally, identifies and explores the full spectrum of the multi-faceted, empowered modern woman and, ultimately, helps brands unlock the true economic value of the female consumer. ...READ MORE
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MENA Consumer Trends Uncovered in Future 100: MENA Trends and Change to Watch in 2016

2016 has arrived, bringing with it a tidal wave of change to the region, from food to beauty to tech, as they develop and wane across the region’s markets at varying levels of maturity. ...READ MORE

WWD and J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group Partner to Explore the Future of Retail in “Frontier(less) Retail” Report

J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group is partnering with WWD, the leading authority on fashion, beauty and retail, for the first time to create an exclusive global report exploring the future of retail. ...READ MORE