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Frame 2-Coca-Dolby

Coke, Dolby Brazil and J. Walter Thompson Brazil offer moviegoers a new cinematic experience

In a year when Coke is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its iconic Contour Bottle, the brand partnered with Dolby Brazil and J. Walter Thompson Brazil to highlight another of iconic part of its identity: the familiar sound of a freshly poured Coke over ice. ...READ MORE
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Lens on Creativity: Evgenia Arbugaeva

J. Walter Thompson is a proud supporter of the International Center of Photography (ICP), which held its 31st Annual Infinity Awards last month. The Infinity Awards have long celebrated the most distinguished careers and budding luminaries in the field of photography, including artists such as Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, and Susan Sontag, among others over the years. The Lens on Creativity series features this year's ICP award winners, sharing their creative inspiration, vision and groundbreaking work. ...READ MORE
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Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 4

We are already halfway through our 2015 Cannes Contenders Showcase. And in Week 4, we have more inspired and inspiring work from our offices in Hong Kong, New Delhi, London, San Juan, São Paulo, Toronto and Dubai. ...READ MORE

J. Walter Thompson Brussels hires David Grünewald and Xavier Bouillon

Earlier this month, J. Walter Thompson Europe announced the appointment of David Grünewald as CEO and Xavier Bouillon as Joint Creative Director with Jean-Luc Walraff for the Brussels office. Johnny Baka will continue in his role as CFO. ...READ MORE
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J. Walter Thompson Cannes 2015: Young Lions

The Cannes Young Lions Competition is an incredible opportunity for the industry’s next generation of creative geniuses to prove themselves on a global platform.

At the Festival, pairs of advertising professionals age 28 and under are challenged to complete a real-life brief from a global charity and have their idea evaluated by the same experts who sit on the Cannes Lions juries. Gold winners will receive their awards on stage at Cannes’ official Awards Ceremonies and receive two passes to next year’s Festival along with accommodation for the week. ...READ MORE
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Meet Generation Z in J. Walter Thompson Company’s latest trend report

The Innovation Group, the newly launched innovation and futurism unit of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, today unveiled a new report on Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s). The report, which features original quantitative studies and consumer data, examines this emerging generation’s key behaviors and attitudes, as well as the brands and influencers engaging them. ...READ MORE
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Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 3

From rainbow-colored flags in Canada to car-inspired furniture in Korea, here are our selections for our third week in this year’s Cannes Contenders Showcase.

Share your favorite pieces on social media using the links below and the hashtag #JWTCannes. And just in case you’ve missed them, find Week 1 and Week 2 of our showcase here. ...READ MORE

#IWILLLISTEN Day Comes to New York City

Two years ago, J. Walter Thompson New York and the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City launched #IWILLLISTEN, a campaign aimed at breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness by turning social networks into support networks. The idea was simple: Our friends will feel more comfortable asking for help if we let them know that we will listen. ...READ MORE

How J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico Tourism Company gave a sad traveler another shot at happiness

Is it possible to be miserable in paradise?

Well, yes, if you look at Reddit user "Widget Dude," who posted a series of photos of how miserable he was when he couldn’t bring his family on a free trip to Puerto Rico in March. ...READ MORE