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JWT Cairo and Vodafone: Want to retain them? Entertain them!

In the Arab world and particularly in Egypt, Ramadan is a “do or die” marketing season. In 2014, the 2-week overlap of the holy month with the World Cup didn’t make things easier for marketers. Brands were faced with an additional challenge in what was already a very fierce battlefield. Moreover, Egyptians have become less keen on seeing giant brands spend gigantic amounts of money for TV ads during Ramadan. Vodafone understood it had to address all of these challenges in order to cut through the mass and attract the masses in a cost-effective manner. ...READ MORE
Lucie Green

Meet the People: Lucie Greene, new worldwide director, JWTIntelligence

Trends forecasting, consumer insight and strategic thinking have never been more important for brands. The world is changing at a rapid rate, at different speeds by age group, ethnicity and geographical location. It’s become crucial to understand this change, the drivers, the nuances and how it will play out. Just consider the rapid adoption of new consumer technologies globally, for example. Or the shifting notion of aspiration in the juggernaut Chinese market, where social media is accelerating the metabolism of trends quicker than brands can keep up. ...READ MORE

JWT Brazil announces Aline Moda and Isabella Mulholland as new executive directors

In recognition of their competence and the development of their respective areas, JWT Brazil's CEO, Ezra Geld, promoted Aline Moda, Head of Media, and Isabella Mulholland, Head of Planning, as new members of the agency's Board. "These new appointments for Isabella and Aline are the result of the professionalism with which they have added value to our clients’ businesses and to the agency," explains Geld. ...READ MORE