The Celebrity, The Agency and The Work

What I really like about the Cannes Lions festival is the quality of seminars. This is probably one of the top events that manages to invite and attract some of the most successful and interesting creative talent in all fields. For example, Marilyn Manson and Jamie Oliver. No matter who they are, where they are from or what they are doing for their passion or for a living, they all have something in common... ...READ MORE

Recap: “Curiosity and A Curious Mind” with Matt Eastwood and Brian Grazer

“Curiosity isn’t something you do on the couch, with a remote in one hand and a brew in the other. It’s active and acquisitive. It’s not always polite,” said Matt Eastwood earlier this morning in J. Walter Thompson’s "Curiosity and A Curious Mind" seminar with Brian Grazer.

Following on the heels of Heineken’s "Thirst for Creativity" seminar yesterday, which emphasized the high risk, high return nature of creativity, "Curiosity and A Curious Mind" started from scratch, dissecting the waning and waxing of curiosity as we age. ...READ MORE

Feminine Mystique 2.0 Recap

“The problem that has no name” lives on.

In her now-famous 1963 release, The Feminine Mystique, author Betty Friedan dared to question the true happiness of housewives and shamelessly advocating for women in the workforce. It wasn’t what Friedan had intentionally intended to write; rather, it was a byproduct of an informal survey she conducted during her college reunion at Smith College. Housewives weren’t happy; they were restless, stuck sweeping and sewing. ...READ MORE
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#CuriositySessions: Leticia Trindade


Q – What are you curious about? Things that make me feel happy awaken my curiosity. I like to learn about how to live better. I think living energetically is contagious and being able to share your own curiosity and inspiration with others makes for a fun and interesting experience for everyone. The topics that I am most curious about right now are travel, nutrition and internal communication, one of my fields of work. ...READ MORE